Gorontalo: Gorontalo City

28 April 2009

A. Brief Information

Gorontalo Province is the biggest corn producer in Indonesia whose products are exported abroad to Malaysia, Singapore, and Gambia (West Africa). Besides as export commodity, this sweet corn is also used as the ingredient for typical food of Gorontalo people named Binte Biluhuta. Corn is the major ingredient for making binte biluhuta; it is mixed with tuna fish, cakalang fish, tengiri fish and shrimp. It is categorized into fresh and tasty soup, proper to be served on cold weather, especially for people who get flu.

Binte bilihuta is favourite food of Gorontalo people. In 2005, about ten thousand people ate this typical food of Gorontalo Province, standing in a row along Ahmad Yani Street to Panjaitan Street, Gorontalo City. That is why, it got an award from Museum Rekor Indonesia (Indonesian Records Museum) No. 1.761.

B. Distinctive Features

Its distinction from other kinds of food is its various tastes; sweet, sour, and hot, which is dished up in different styles. As a distinction to other foods, its ingredients consisting of chilli, papaya leaves, lime, are put on separated bowl. It totally depend on you, for hot taste, add some chilli that have been ground roughly, while for bitter taste, just put some sliced papaya leaves, then combine them on your soup. However, for sour taste, you may add extract of lime so that you can taste the sour soup blended with krius-krius corn and aromatic basil.

Though its main ingredient is fish, it is not smell or putrid since it is mixed with the tastes of sour, bitter, sweet and hot, typically found on lukewarm binte biluhute.

C. Location

Entering the gateway of Gorontalo City, you will easily find many cafeterias offering binte biluhute.

D. Access

It is easy to find many cafeterias offering binte biluhute, just pick any public transportation such as motorized pedicab, bendi, mikrolet (minibus), and bus.

E. Ticket Price

It costs range from IDR 5.000 to IDR 10.000 per portion.

F. Accommodations and other facilities

There are many inns or hotels in Gorontalo City for you who want to spend more days in the city.



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