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20 March 2009

Sulawesi which is known by the name of Celebes is a beautiful island with an area of 227 thousand square kilometers. It is somewhat smaller compared to a joined land area of England and Scotland. 

The shape is that of an orchid, with long and narrow penisulas. There is no poibnt on land that is more than 90 km away from the seashore. this makes the island to possess a long beach-line. Most of the land is mountain ous. The combination of both profiles spreads various sceneries that are really fascinating whether of seashores as well as the mountain areas. 

Geographically, Sulawesi (Macassar) straits is known as the border area of the Wallace Line separating two different fauna unities, i.e. east side and west sided of Indonesia. The types of flora and fauna of this island are specifis such as ebony wood, hog-deer and maleo birds of various colors with their large eggs. 
Arround 30,000 years ago was this island already inhabited by people. The determination of years through the oldest layers from the past were found in caves near the limestone hills not far from Maros, approximately 30 km north-east of Ujung-Pandang (makassar) as the capital city of the province os South Sulawesi. There are possibilities that the old culture layer consisting of pebbles and flakes of stone implements have been gathered from the river terace at Wallanae Valley between Soppeng and Sengkang, including extinct giant boards and elephant bones. 
During the golden age of spice trade in the 15th till the 19th centuries, South Sulawesi was the gate to the Moluccan Islands, the land of spices. The mighty kingdoms of Macassar and Bone played an important role seen from the history of East Indonesia in the ancient days. 

The inhabitants of South Sulawesi consist of four main tribes. The Toraja tribe that is famous for their specific culture seen from their ceremony of death, traditional houses with their arch-shaped roofs, beautiful carvings and natural colors. The tribes of Macassar, Bugis and Mandar who are femous as patriotic sailors wheters during times of war as well as peace. With their traditional sail-boats faring the seas of the Indonesian islands till the northern parts of Australia, a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean until the African coasts. 

The geaograpical background, prehistory and history of South Sulawesi has given birth to interesting cultural elements. One can observe, enjoy the uniqueness of its culture which can only be found in this region, including in it are the ceremonies, dances, carvings, beautiful weavings from cotton and silk, and tropical sceneries that are breath-taking.


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